[PATCH] Enable iconv code tables

Ralf Kirchner ralf.kirchner at embedded-brains.de
Fri May 10 09:35:14 UTC 2013

The following patch will activate encodings for iconv.
I intend to use these iconv encodings for UTF8 support in the FAT 
file system. 
UTF8 support will get implemented backwards compatible and will
have to get activated with a mount parameter explicitly. 
As long as you mount the FAT file system as you always
used to, nothing will change and the encodings will not get linked in.

 gcc/build.add |   10 +++++++++-
 1 Datei geändert, 9 Zeilen hinzugefügt(+), 1 Zeile entfernt(-)

diff --git a/gcc/build.add b/gcc/build.add
index cedaf4a..667fdeb 100644
--- a/gcc/build.add
+++ b/gcc/build.add
@@ -57,7 +57,15 @@
     %{?with_plugin:--enable-plugin}%{!?with_plugin:--disable-plugin} \
 %if %build_newlib
     --enable-newlib-io-c99-formats \
-    %{?with_iconv:--enable-newlib-iconv} \
+    %{?with_iconv:--enable-newlib-iconv  --enable-newlib-iconv-encodings=\
+win_1253,win_1254,win_1255,win_1256,win_1257,win_1258} \
 %if %build_libgcj
     --enable-libgcj \

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