[PATCH] RTL: Fixed comparison of ELF object names

Mohammed Khoory mkhoory at eiast.ae
Mon Nov 4 02:01:26 UTC 2013


While using RTL with ELF files, I noticed that if I load 2 ELF files via
dlopen(), the first one loads correctly, but the second load call returns
the same pointer to the first ELF handle. After looking a bit further I
noticed that the ELF names weren't being compared properly when checking
whether a particular ELF is already loaded or not. This patch fixes it by
allowing the program to parse the filename properly before comparing it.

There are many different approaches to fixing this, but with this patch I
wanted to minimize code redundancy by reusing existing code.  If I should
take another approach please let me know.

Mohammed Khoory

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