SMP06 test failure on LEON

Gedare Bloom gedare at
Mon Nov 11 01:22:33 UTC 2013

I think perhaps the scheduler was changed and no longer matches the
assumptions of this test..
On Nov 10, 2013 11:40 AM, "Daniel Hellstrom" <daniel at> wrote:

> Hello,
> This is my findings from running some of the SMP test. The SMP06 test
> seems to be correct since it matches smp06.scn file, but after reading the
> test source and documentation I'm not fully convinced. I hope I'm wrong
> here. And I don't know exectly how the scheduler behavior shuold be, but
> the test claims that the "oldest" task (Init) should be switched away in
> favor of the new TA2 task. This is my conclusion so far:
> Printout of smp06.scn is incorrect it should rather be as below diff
> instead. The test produces the output accoring to original smp06.scn,
> however I believe it is wrong. If the oldest task (Init) should be swapped
> out and the TA02 task should be executed on the CPU that originally ran the
> Init task since it is the oldest task.
> ** TEST SMP06 ***
> rtems_clock_tick - so this task has run longer
>  CPU 0 start task TA1
>  CPU 1 running Task TA1
>  CPU 0 start task TA2
> - CPU 1 running Task TA2
> + CPU 0 running Task TA2
> *** END OF TEST SMP06 ***
> I will email an improvement patch to the SMP06 test to detect this error.
> This will however not fix the issue just enlighten it, for it should be a
> fix in the scheduler or that the test does not longer match the scheduler's
> implementation.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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