Proposed Pthread affinity APIs

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Nov 11 23:20:23 UTC 2013

On 12/11/2013 7:30 am, Jennifer Averett wrote:
> +#if defined(__rtems__)
> +int _EXFUN(sigaltstack, (const stack_t *, stack_t *));
> +#endif

Why is this specific to __rtems__ while the type 'stack_t' is not ? 
Should this be feature rather than platform controlled ?

> +#if defined(__rtems__)
> +  #include <sys/cpuset.h>
> +#endif

Is this only ever going to be used by RTEMS ? What if another user of 
newlib wants to use the API ? Should this be HAVE_SYS_CPUSET, 
PTHREAD_AFFINITY or something else ? I am not familiar with platform 
specific configs in newlib so I do not if this is possible.


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