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Wed Oct 23 18:46:47 UTC 2013


Checking the timeline for GCI...

28 Oct - deadline for applications
1 Nov  - organizations announced

Our application is in. Thanks to those who helped me review
and update the answers for the application.

We now need to work on the task sets and update the wiki

We need some bulk tasks. These are one where a single set of
instructions can be applied to multiple sets of files. We
got massive improvements to our Doxygen with students last
year doing this. Ideas include:

+ Converting the original Classic API specifications (RTEID
  or ORKID) into (a) Asciidoc and then (b) head those down the
  path of being requirements.

+ Continuing to add Doxygen if we left files undone from last year.

+ Add restrict keyword as necessary to newlib .h files. [NOTE:
  As scary as this is, OAR had a high school intern who started this.]

+ Add attribute notnull as appropriate to (a) Classic API.
  Consider similar task on POSIX and newlib.

+ BRL-CAD had a standing task which each student could ONLY DO ONCE.
  It would be to follow our GSOC hello world instructions and comment.
  This puts more users through the procedure and lowers our entry

Coding tasks tend to not get taken but eliminate a warning is a good one.

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