How to start contributing towards RTEMS project

Ritesh Harjani ritesh.harjani at
Mon Sep 2 05:33:14 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone,

This mail is to get some help from you guys on *"how to start contributing
towards RTEMS project"*

*Background work done*:

1. With the help of Hesham and community posts, I have setup the rtems-4.11
toolchain for arm
    on fedora 19, 64bit.
2. Synced the rtems-4.11 source as well as Gsoc 2013 libmm project.
3. Setup Qemu emulator.

I have little background on ARM processors and I am interested to
help/contribute in any of of ARM development/porting project. I am
interested in memory management on ARM, but I am very much ok to work on
any project based on the needs from RTEMS community.

I have Raspberry pi + ti stellaris lm4f120 launchpad, if it helps.

Since I am currently unfamiliar with RTEMS environment, it will be good if
someone can guide as to where to start off from and with which project.

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