Fwd: [GSoC Mentors] GSoC 2013 Mentors/Org Admins: "Pencils Down" and Final Evaluation Dates Approaching

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Tick... tick.. tick..

Code needs to be flying in.

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Subject: [GSoC Mentors] GSoC 2013 Mentors/Org Admins: "Pencils Down"
and Final Evaluation Dates Approaching
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Hi there,

This is a friendly reminder that Monday, 16 September is our soft
"pencils down" date. We suggest that students have completed their
projects by this date and spend a week writing documentation and
wrapping up their projects. We require that students stop all coding
on 23 September.

Monday, 23 September at 19:00 UTC is also when final evaluations open.
Please consider this your reminder to submit your final evaluation by
27 September at 19:00 UTC so that you don't delay your students' final
payments or possibly jeopardize your organization's attendance at the
mentor summit.

I have updated the code submission guidelines [0] and posted it on
Melange for your reference. Code submission begins once students have
received a passing grade on their final evaluations (after 27
September). The deadline is 11 October. One question students ask a
lot is what portion of their code to submit if they made changes to an
existing code base or their code interacts a lot with a system they
didn't write. The answer is: use your best discretion. Have them
submit the code that makes the most sense from a user's perspective.
If students need help with code submission they should contact the
Melange team at melange-soc-dev at googlegroups.com.

I have posted the questions for the final evaluations below as well
for your reference.

[0] - http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/document/show/gsoc_program/google/gsoc2013/codeguidelines



How would you rate the student’s performance on his/her project since
the midterm evaluations?

It has improved since the midterm

It has stayed the same since the midterm

It has gotten worse since the midterm

Considering your student’s original project proposal, how closely does
the project produced reflect the project proposed?

It’s almost exactly the same - there have been very few changes to the project

It’s similar - there have been some changes over the course of the summer

It’s different - we changed the goals or scope of the project

It’s different - the student diverged from the project plan

How much time have you spent on Google Summer of Code since the mid
term evaluations (again, take into consideration both time mentoring
the student and working on the program as a whole)?

10-15 hours per week

15-20 hours per week

20-25 hours per week

25-30 hours per week

30-35 hours per week

35-40 hours per week

40+ hours per week

How does this amount of time spent on the program compare to before
the midterms?

It’s less than before the midterms

It’s about the same

It’s more than before the midterms

How would you rate your student’s performance overall?

Excellent - amongst the best performers I’ve ever worked with

Strong, solid performance



How would you rate your experience with the program overall?

Excellent - one of the best programs I’ve ever participated in

Very good



Did you have a co-mentor in the program this year? If so, would you
consider this a help or a hindrance? Why?

What one thing would you tell mentors for your organization to do in
the future to help the students’ experience with the program?

What was the most rewarding and/or difficult part of the program for
you this year?

Is there additional information we should tell future students before
applying to future programs?

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

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