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Marcin Bujar marcin.bujar at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 17:45:17 UTC 2013

Hello everybody!

My name is Marcin Bujar and I am the new ESA Summer of Code developer. I am
working with Amar Takhar on developing a new testing framework for RTEMS.
More details on the project here:

For the first week of my 3 month project I have been familiarizing myself
with RTEMS, reading the manual, wiki, and blogs. I have ran some examples
on a VM using one of the RTEMS CentOS images. Then I have been compiling
the various OS build systems using source-builder on my linux machine to
set up my development environment.

The overall plan is to adapt Unity (https://github.com/ThrowTheSwitch/Unity)
unit testing tool for all the RTEMS 4.11 supported architectures. Once this
is completed a new method of creating tests will be added which will be
able to generate skeleton test cases. The next step after that is to port
existing tests to the new framework and split some of the more complex
tests into smaller self-contained cases which only test one particular

At this point I have almost all of the build systems compiled, so the plan
for next week is to start working on adapting Unity to RTEMS, adding 16bit
support as well as option for JSON output (to be parsed by automated test

I will be posting updates here as my project continues.

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