[GSoC] Application Configuration GUI for RTEMS

Shubham Somani shubhamsomani92 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 19:01:36 UTC 2013


My GSoC project was to create an Application Configuration Tool for RTEMS
so as it easily configure it for an application with the means of a GUI and
a TUI.

The GUI has been coded, packaged and tested(on Windows,Ubuntu and CentOS).
It can be cloned from https://github.com/shubhamsomani/GUI (temporary).

The TUI has been coded and tested.(on Ubuntu).It can be cloned from
https://github.com/shubhamsomani/TUI (temporary).

The git repo needs to be updated to rtems.git . This needs to be done
by a RTEMS
committer. Also the location of this tool in the repo needs to be

Also work in the direction of further testing it and packaging it on more
OS'es needs to be done.

The packaged GUI for Windows,Ubuntu,CentOS can be obtained from here-

1) Windows-

2) Ubuntu-

3) CentOS-

Please download and use it. For any doubts you may see-

In case you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, please feel free
to drop a mail. I intend to work on this till it meets all requirements.


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