Script to build ctags/cscope database for RTEMS sources limited by inclussion to given BSP build

Pavel Pisa pisa at
Fri Aug 8 09:06:35 UTC 2014

Hello everybody,

there is small byproduct of TMS570 BSP implementation project.

I have looked at Automake generated CTAGS targets in the build
but I have have not find way to build global sources database
to have crossreferenced sources.

But if the BSP build is sucesfull than all sources including
really used newlib and GCC header files are noted in dependency
files. I have written scripts to utilize these for cscope
database build which simplifies navigation in RTEMS source files.

The scripts are available there

they can be copied to given RTEMS BSP top level build directory
and then run ./cscope-from-deps after sucesfull BSP configure and build.

If you like the scripts and have idea about some better place
for them i.e. in some other RTEMS usesfull scripts collection
then speak-up.

Best wishes,


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