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You may like to read
in addition to the Condition Variables project page. You can search
for "condition variable" in a search engine to get some useful
background material. More below.

On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 9:45 AM, zhang json <json.a.zhang at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a student who is preparing for participating  the GSOC2014, and from
> 'Open Project' i found a interesting project 'Condition Variables'. So i
> want to know the basic information about the status of this project.
> There is a bug [1] which is maybe related to it but it seems that
> 'Condition Variables' is not the main problem of this bug. So my confusion
> is blow:
> 1. As one of the classic operating system synchronization primitives whether
> RTEMS has a basic 'Condition Variables' support?
RTEMS lacks a condition variable (monitor) implementation within the
classic API located in cpukit/rtems/*, and also within the supercore
"kernel" interface located in cpukit/score/*. There is condition
variables support in posix, as the

> 2. If answer not from 1, what is the requirement of the implementation?
It should implement a classic API condition variable that can be
similar to the classic API implementation of semaphore
(cpukit/rtems/include/rtems/rtems/sem.h and semimpl.h). The condition
variable should be implemented in the supercore (cpukit/score) and
that implementation should be shared by the posix condvar and the
classic API condition variables.

> 3. Whether its implementation should support SMP?
The implementation must support SMP.


> 1.
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