Posix patchs to support affinity attribute in newlib

Gedare Bloom gedare at rtems.org
Thu Feb 27 15:06:09 UTC 2014

Since you drop const from _POSIX_Threads_Default_attributes it would
be good to change it to be statically scoped in pthread.c.

Please add documentation for the rtems_pthread_attribute_compare()
function, and fix the copyright year (and license url) in the new
pthreadattrcompare.c file.


On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 8:24 AM, Jennifer Averett
<Jennifer.Averett at oarcorp.com> wrote:
> Attached are files for posix support of the affinity
> attribute in pthread.  The affinity methods and tests
> will follow.
> Jennifer Averett
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