How to get a Minimal rtems on X86

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Wed Jan 15 17:52:41 UTC 2014

On 1/14/2014 10:32 PM, Kelvin Lincoln wrote:
> Hi.
>    I want to get a minimal system on X86..I used the rtems 4.11 on
> centOS 6.3 Virtual Machine provided on the have seen
> the sample/minimum/minimum.exe with objdump -h to seen the size of the
> test section and nm to seen the symtable. 
>    In the symbol table,I found the  functions of File system,Clock
> driver.But in the init.c of the sample minimum,It has defined
> and so on.
>    Why? If I want to strip these modules,What can I do?
The definition of minimal is always open for discussion. :)

There is a sample called minimum which is smaller and has less features
enabled than hello.

When the application configuration disables something, the code should
not be included in the executable. If it is, then likely the BSP is
something it shouldn't. Do you actually see those symbols in the executable?

FWIW Some BSPs are very careful to avoid pulling in minimal dependencies.
Others are not so careful. The pc386 BSP itself has never been focused on
low footprint.
>    Thank you.
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> Kelly Quan

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