Zynq BSP

emanuel stiebler emu at e-bbes.com
Fri Jul 25 12:51:40 UTC 2014

On 2014-07-24 03:06, Chris Johns wrote:> On 22/07/2014 1:00 am, emanuel 
stiebler wrote:
 >> On 2014-07-18 18:54, Chris Johns wrote:
 >>  >> We still use the U-Boot to load it?
 >>  > I do not use uboot, rather we have a taken the Xilinx FSBL and
 >> reworked it.
 >> Could you at least share this part?
 >> And thanks for this already, I thought that I had to use u-boot.
 >> (which I don't mind, it just one more layer of work ;-)  )
 > The code is based on Xilinx's FSBL and so I need to sort the licensing
 > out before I can make it public.

 >>  > I would like to do a write up of the whole process but it is not a
 >>  > priority for my unfunded work.
 >> :(
 > Do not be too unhappy, dealing with the licenses is taking my time and
 > that is a good thing.

Hello Chris,
thanks for letting us know. I'm glad somebody is working on the license 

Thanks again

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