GSoC2014 proof of running RTEMS + GSoC project option(s)

Janek van Oirschot janekvoirschot at
Tue Mar 18 08:36:33 UTC 2014

> discussions about this project before. You can use site:... search on
> google to find something. Get your proposal into Melange soon, and you
> might consider asking on RTEMS-users mailing list if anyone is
> interested in the LWIP project.
> I think getting LWIP to work itself is not quite a GSOC amount of
> work, but there may be other things to do that can flesh out the full
> summer of work.

I think with the additional work surrounding this project
(documentation, testing etc.) might get close to filling my available
time. My university's summer break starts mid-July (starts 14 or 21
July) while GSoC starts with coding on May 19th. This mean I can
roughly work 8~16 hours a week prior to my start of summer break. I'm
still not sure if this project will fill all the time available for me
but my university's time schedule wont allow me to work the 3 months
full time but about 1.5~2 months full time.

Kind regards,
Janek van Oirschot

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