newlib/openrisc port issues

Hesham Moustafa heshamelmatary at
Fri Mar 28 22:10:13 UTC 2014


A few weeks ago I was able to build gcc linked with newlib for or1k-rtems*
target. But, I had to
do some work-arounds to get it working which I think I have to discuss it
with you.

First issue, is that when building gcc/newlib with --enable-threads option,
I got a lot of errors
which fade out when building with --disable-threads.
folks at openrisc IRC channel told me that newlib (with threads) never been

Another issue was about some errors raised by inconsistent definition of
ssize_t type for
or1k target. Gedare mentioned that ssize_t should be defined in the or1k
target's source.
I asked about where (in or1k source) to define ssize_t and or1k people told
me it should
be defined at RTEMS. To be able to get around this issue, I had to replace
ssize_t at
crt0.c with int in the related functions prototypes.

For the same file (crt0.c) another compilation error is:
 "error: expected ')' before '*' token RTEMS_STUB(int, sigfillset(sigset_t
*set), { return -1; })"
This macro is expanded to:
"int (*(sigset_t *set) = ~(0), 0) { return -1; }"
I had to comment this macro to pass this error.

Finally, some compilation errors which are related to POSIX (like
undeclared NAME_MAX)
were avoided by re-declaring these macros at the file raising such errors.

I can provide any further details or error messages if required. Please
suggest solutions
to get rid of these error in the right way. The patch for newlib that adds
support for or1k and
RTEMS against newlib-2.1.0 is there [1]


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