newlib/openrisc port issues

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Mar 31 22:45:38 UTC 2014

On 29/03/2014 9:10 am, Hesham Moustafa wrote:
> Hi,
> A few weeks ago I was able to build gcc linked with newlib for
> or1k-rtems* target. But, I had to
> do some work-arounds to get it working which I think I have to discuss
> it with you.
> First issue, is that when building gcc/newlib with --enable-threads
> option, I got a lot of errors
> which fade out when building with --disable-threads.
> folks at openrisc IRC channel told me that newlib (with threads) never
> been used.

We enable threads when building newlib so it looks like we need to clean 
this up.

> Another issue was about some errors raised by inconsistent definition of
> ssize_t type for
> or1k target. Gedare mentioned that ssize_t should be defined in the or1k
> target's source.
> I asked about where (in or1k source) to define ssize_t and or1k people
> told me it should
> be defined at RTEMS. To be able to get around this issue, I had to
> replace ssize_t at
> crt0.c with int in the related functions prototypes.

The tools need to define ssize_t. RTEMS uses the machine level 
parameters provided to it by the tools and selected switches. These know 
the specific configuration being built. I suspect this is done in newlib 

> For the same file (crt0.c) another compilation error is:
>   "error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token RTEMS_STUB(int,
> sigfillset(sigset_t *set), { return -1; })"
> This macro is expanded to:
> "int (*(sigset_t *set) = ~(0), 0) { return -1; }"
> I had to comment this macro to pass this error.

I am not sure about this one. I need to take a closer look at the code 
and the patch.

> Finally, some compilation errors which are related to POSIX (like
> undeclared NAME_MAX)
> were avoided by re-declaring these macros at the file raising such errors.
> I can provide any further details or error messages if required. Please
> suggest solutions
> to get rid of these error in the right way. The patch for newlib that
> adds support for or1k and
> RTEMS against newlib-2.1.0 is there [1]

In the coming days I will take a look at the patch and port and see what 
is happening.


> [1]
> Regards,
> Hesham
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