Rtems_fsmount dosfs hanging

Andre Marques andre.lousa.marques at gmail.com
Tue May 13 18:36:29 UTC 2014

On 05/13/14 17:43, Ric Claus wrote:
> I did this same kind of thing almost a year ago (for a Zynq project), but starting from the U-Boot sources.  (I understand there are licensing issues that prevent it from being included in RTEMS.)  In the process of debugging it, I found that one pattern that would periodically mess me (and the SD card) up was to reset the system (usually in order to load a new version of the code) without having first unmounted the device or otherwise flushing the file system.  Remember that the block device driver caches, so if the cache doesn't get flushed you can end up with partially written blocks, or an inconsistent set of blocks, on the SD card.
> My driver doesn't (yet) support SD card removal and insertion on a live system (I think this would be difficult to get right).  If you're doing this, then, for the same caching reason, it might be a place where you're getting tripped up.
> 	Ric

Thanks for the heads up. Currently I am only focusing on the reading 
part, as I can't get the card mounted yet, but will keep the cache in mind.

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