University project - recommendations?

Dominik Taborsky bremby at
Fri Nov 28 21:17:38 UTC 2014


I am a university student and am looking for a school project. I am
interested in RTEMS and so I thought I could help out with development.
The project should take several "school months". It should also involve
the kernel space, not user space.

I have browsed through the wiki/trac and I found these 3:
1) CFI-standard flash device interface,
2) CEXP integration,
3) TCP stack rewrite.

I don't have any experience with implementing TCP, but I have some
experience with data structures on block devices (manipulating MBR and GPT
labels). But I don't know how much of help my experience is.

I have hard time guessing time requirements for these, so can anyone give
me a hint how complex these are? Or can you give me any other project

Any input is welcome.

Best regards,
Dominik Taborsky

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