Known (So Far) False Positive Warnings

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Sep 11 13:34:45 UTC 2014


Since Sebastian investigated the msdos_conv.c and says it is a false
positive, I wanted to pass along that that makes the third set of warnings
that are upstream issues.

msdos_conv.c -
  This one is new. No feedback.

mathf -
  This is a false positive on floating point printf() format string checking
  on targets where sizeof(float) == sizeof(double). Should be fixed in 4.9.
uintptr_t printf format warnings - Newlib inttypes.h bug which has a
  solution proposed but needs to be implemented.

As I said earlier, please help look at the warnings and help try to
resolve them. Some of these are really interesting and turn out to
be things that impact the larger FOSS community. Newlib is also
used by Cygwin for example.


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