dynamic checking tools

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed Sep 17 23:23:04 UTC 2014

On 18/09/2014 4:01 am, Daniel Gutson wrote:
>     are there any dynamic checking tools (a la
> valgrind/helgrind/memcheck/drd and *sanitizer) for RTEMS?
> More specifically, I'm interested in memory and concurrency checking,
> more specifically for ARM.

None that I know of. My limited understanding of these tools is their 
use of MMU features to work and the resultant effect on performance make 
it difficult to match up with RTEMS's runtime environment. RTEMS being a 
single process, single address space makes this sort of thing more 
complex and that is not taking into account the real-time issues due to 
the added overhead.

In some RTEMS applications I have worked at the application level to 
allow the code or parts of the code to run on hosts that support the 
tools you list and then I run the code on that host. It requires 
planning and investment of time to make this happen but the pay off is 
well worth it. You only have to find a few issues to cover the costs. It 
is also nice to be able to run the code and see if any issues exist when 
chasing a problem on a target.


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