Make 4.11 Branch Next Monday?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Apr 22 14:23:54 UTC 2015


I want to branch early next week. That should give Chris time to get back
up to speed from his holiday and everyone else a chance to make final
testing and pushes. Please don't break anything.

I just posted a handful of patches that my build of all BSPs with networking
and TCP/IP enabled pointed out the need for. I still haven't reviewed my
run on all gdb and qemu simulator BSPs. That needs a review but watching
on and off as they ran, I didn't see any blockers. The issues I know of are:

Biggest issues:
+ xilinx BSP does not run on qemu for me. qemu doesn't build on Centos 6
and the one I built on a recent Fedora worked for every BSP except xilinx.
+ review of getting started docs
+ release procedure. We will just have to fight through this.

Let it slide issues:
+ nios2, or1k, and lm32 can't link C++ samples.
+ still no moxie tools

Any thoughts or comments?

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