Uniprocessor implementation of nested mutex problem of priority inversion.

Saurabh Gadia gadia at usc.edu
Thu Aug 13 09:28:59 UTC 2015


I have implemented uniprocessor model of nested mutex problem in rtems. its
still in basic form. I tried to multiplex it with the existing solution but
was finding hard time. To push ahead, I decided to have separate functions
for uniprocessor and SMP(kept default behavior) and with your review
comments will know what to do. Following is the link for the git repo:
https://github.com/saurabhgadia4/rtems/commits/master and its JPF branch:

I have also tested spsem01, 02, 03 test cases. Following are the links for
the test case results which states output before solution and after
applying the solution. I am still not getting whether my code is passing
spsem03 test or not. How can I verify that?

Test Case Link:


Saurabh Gadia
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