Porting CANFestival to RTEMS

Ian Caddy ianc at goanna.iinet.net.au
Fri Aug 21 05:58:16 UTC 2015

On 20/08/2015 8:22 PM, Isaac Gutekunst wrote:
> I guess it's time to learn more about the RTEMS runtime linker.

We don't use the RTEMS runtime linker, it is a home grown solution.

> I do have a few specific questions:
> What pat of CANFestival are you using?

I am not sure I understand this question.  We based our CANMaster off 
the AVR embedded version.  We use CANFestival 3-06494ae5b2b6 as the 
reference source.

> What timer driver/library are you using?

There is no timer or library as such.

For the timer we used a rtems_timer.

We used the AVR implementation as the starting point.

> What CAN driver are you using?

It is a home grown driver for our processor.

We used the AVR implementation as the starting point.

> How did you glue the pieces together? Did you compile it by modifying
> the posix/unix drivers, or go the more bare metal based off the AVR? Is
> RSB involved? I'm stuck figuring out what I need to do, and what is the
> minimum required support infrastructure to get CANFestival to work. It
> seems like you need read, write

We used the AVR demo as the starting point.  Replaced the CAN driver 
aspects with our own driver.  The timer was replaced with an 
rtems_timer.  Pretty much everything else is self contained.

Then you need your application which is where all the hard work is needed.

> Would you be willing to provide some code?

I can't provide the whole application but I can probably provide 
snippets as required.  The driver is processor specific so probably will 
not help much, but I could probably provide the timer file as there is 
nothing company specific in that.

> Would it make sense for us to team up with the CANFestival developers to
> make a robust RTEMS port?

I am not sure how much the CANFestival developers are actively working 
on the tree.  I think they have moved onto other things, but you are 
welcome to try.  I have been on the CANFestival list for some years, and 
there has not really been any activity on it for some time.

The code is nice and straight forward once you get the concept of how 
CanOpen works.

I did a lot of work in our master to make it not require configuration, 
and it can talk to a number of IO modules / types all without 
configuration which is not really the CANFestival way.


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