libfs: are we actually using User/Group IDs?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Dec 7 01:42:44 UTC 2015

On 12/05/15 06:49, Martin Galvan wrote:
> Certainly! This filesystem has been so far implemented in Linux, so
> I'd assume it's GPLv2.

Would it be worth contacting the developer/maintainer and ask about a 
dual license or something we can use?

> If this isn't compatible with the RTEMS
> license, perhaps we could distribute it separately through the Source
> Builder.

The configurations in the master repo for the RSB need to follow the 
same rules as RTEMS in regards to licenses. It becomes too difficult to 
place the responsibility on to our users.

The RSB should support out of tree configurations if set up correctly. 
This means you could maintain and release a configuration file the RSB 
can use to build a GPL package.


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