Linker Set Based Initialization

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> On 08/12/15 16:03, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> What BSPs/architectures have you tested?
> I temporarily moved the splinkersets01 test to the samples/ticker and
> tested that all BSPs build and link this test.
> I executed the splinkersets01 test on sis, psim and
> arm_realview_pbx_a9_qemu.
>> Is this something that breaks on a per BSP basis? or per architecture
>> basis?
>> I am assuming that since it is linker based, each BSP could have broken
>> linkcmds.
>> Is that right?
> It breaks on a per linker command file basis. Since all the maintained
> BSPs use a linkercmds.base, which shouldn't be a big issue.
That means a LOT of the BSPs are broken. You have defined maintained in
your own way.
There are only a handful of architectures with linkcmds.base in them:


I am not sure how many BSPs within arm, m68k, or powerpc actually use the

By my count, 13 of 94 BSP families have linkcmds.base.

> For requirements on the linker command file, see new chapter in user
> manual. However BSPs should not deal with this in copy and paste linker
> command files and instead use a linkercmds.base file.
So 85% of the BSP families don't use linkcmds.base and by the above
they must immediately be migrated to linkcmds.base.

Unless you have a plan to address this problem, I am on the side of
rejecting the
part of this patch that changes the initialization.  And the issue must be
before this can be merged.

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