Breaking master [Was: [PATCH] Chase Newlib sys/select.h changes]

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Dec 14 02:25:37 UTC 2015

On 12/11/15 17:39, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Since we have now the RSB, I prefer to avoid autoconf stuff and instead
> force users of the master branch to update their tool chain.

I agree. Easy to add, difficult to remove.

> The
> difficult part is to set up your development host to be able to build
> the tools with RSB the first time, but to build the tools a second time
> is easy, you just have to wait a couple of minutes.

I cannot personally cover all the hosts being used and need to rely on 
feedback in the form of documentation updates.

I am starting to think the RSB needs to learn more about hosts to help 
here. I am thinking of adding support so a package can specify something 
that has to be present and per hosts support translates that to a 
specific host set of packages or commands that are needed. Maybe then I 
can receive patches for those files and capture the information new 
users need.


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