Waf branch - Overview [2/6]

Amar Takhar amar at rtems.org
Sat Feb 7 00:07:11 UTC 2015

On 2015-02-07 10:23 +1100, Chris Johns wrote:
> Thanks for the email(s) and thank you for taking on such a massive task. 
> It is impressive. Some comments follow.

You're welcome and thank you!

> I checked out the repo and ran the commands on a FreeBSD box and 
> obtained similar results. It is very nice. The performance is brilliant 
> and I am sure this is a better experience all around for RTEMS users. I 
> did need to update my waf to the one you talk about in later emails.

That's good.  We actually avoid any binary issues as waf is designed to be 
distributed with the distfiles.  If we need a new version we include it in the 
tarball.  For developers it's trivial to set it up right from the git repo using 
'waf-light' and doing a git pull to update.

> I wanted to try the build on a Zynq board but I could not find the BSP. 
> I found the 'waf config --list' command and saw there are 164 BSP 
> listed. The current master repo's rtems-bsp command lists 193. What is 
> the status of your tree and the master repo ?

I have updated rtems_waf/bsp.py to include all BSPs.  Please note they may not 
work and I have not touched any of the BSPs added in the last year.  If there is 
a BSP you want working let me know.

> I also found when I attempted to run 'waf config' again an error report 
> was made about deleting config.cfg. I am use to building a number of 
> BSPs from a single source check out and having the build around while I 
> sort out issues. I saw comments about moving configs after the source 
> reorg, is this related ?

You only run waf config once, ever.  This sets up config.cfg with the number of 
BSPs you supplied during the first config.  After that you must edit it by hand 
to make changes.  This error is to warn you so you do not delete your config by 

> How would you like us to submit changes to get them merged into your repo ?

Great question.  I suppose patches on the lists are OK for now?


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