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QIAO YANG yangqiao0505 at me.com
Wed Jul 8 06:55:03 UTC 2015

Hi all mentors and rpi bap student developers ,

First of all, I’ve written a blog to explicite how I to use the mailbox interfaces, and I would like to invite other students to try it out. If anyone need the mailbox related functions that I didn’t implement, you can ask me for them. 


As Pavel Pisa reported to me that he didn’t managed to get the video console to display, I would like to invite you to try it out and report the status to me. The setup of memory table might need to update, I’ve explained in the last paragraph of the blog. It’s just a quick test and the feedback will help me a lot. Thanks everyone in advance :).

Here is a blog about how to setup the graphic console, where is the code source and which version to test:


I've got the graphic output work with my rpi B and samsung 27" display. But I've found something wired that in serial console mode, my serial console stoped early:

The word Corporation isn't event displayed completely.

While in graphic console mode, the output stopped at :

It bothers me and I'm trying to figure out the bug. But for the moment I've got no idea and how to debug it. 
But anyway the display should work and display something.

Since I can’t test it with different display by my self. I would be glad if you can join me to test the driver and send me feedback, so that I can improve it .

Thank you in advance!

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