Doubt regarding Thread_Control_struct in rtems

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Wed Jul 15 23:58:47 UTC 2015

For uniprocessor we have a complete ready JPF model for solving nested
mutex problem.

Avoid unwanted irrelevant commit messages!! The code is still in raw stage
but solves all the potential cases of nested mutex problem.

For SMP we already have locking for mutex related operations:

_Thread_queue_Acquire_critical( &the_mutex->Wait_queue, lock_context );

This ticket lock is always acquired before performing any write operations
in mutex_seize and mutex_surrender which are required for solving
nested_mutex problem. So for SMP we just have to overcome the data race
that might happen while modifying thread->real_priority.


Saurabh Gadia

On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 4:49 PM, Saurabh Gadia <gadia at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there any explicit locking to avoid data races condition on members of
> Thread_Control_struct in rtems? As for mutex we have ticket_lock over its
> wait_queue in SMP architecture which can serve as explicit locking in
> mutex. For thread I feel data race condition may happen while setting *thread->current_priority.
> *As it is updated by thread while restoring its priority and while some
> other thread trying to promote for nested_mutex behavior.
> Thanks,
> Saurabh Gadia
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