[RSB] port graphic libraries into rsb

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Jul 20 10:28:48 UTC 2015

On 20/07/2015 7:34 pm, Pavel Pisa wrote:
> Hello Chris and Qiao Yang,
> On Monday 20 of July 2015 01:12:33 Chris Johns wrote:
>> On 20/07/2015 6:55 am, QIAO YANG wrote:
>>> I've ported the graphic libraries into rsb so that we can build them
>>> much easier. All Build passed, tested on arm with raspberrypi and i386
>>> with pc386.
>> Fantastic and thank you.
> I have reproduced build for i386. Thanks for instructions.
> I return to the Microwindows suggestions in a separate message.
> I would like to speak about source builder related questions first
>>> the libraries can be built with the command like:
>>> ../source-builder/sb-set-builder \
>>>     --log=graphic-build-log.txt \
>>>     --prefix=$HOME/development/rtems-386/bsps/4.11 \
>>>     --with-rtems-bsp=pc386 \
>>>     --host=i386-rtems4.11 \
>>>     4.11/graphics/freetype2.bset \
>>>     4.11/graphics/libjpeg.bset \
>>>     4.11/graphics/libpng.bset \
>>>     4.11/graphics/libtiff.bset \
>>>     4.11/graphics/t1lib.bset \
>>>     4.11/graphics/microwindows.bset \
>>>     4.11/graphics/nxlib.bset
>>> Patches that I used is available on my github fork of rtems-tools.
>>> Waiting for more tests and reviews.
>> I am closing in on finishing ticket https://devel.rtems.org/ticket/2374
>> and I will test this after it has been resolved.
> I use system wide prefix for my RTEMS install. When I specified that
>  --prefix=/opt/rtems4.11
> When I specified that to sb-set-builder then it silently skips install
> steps. This leads not only to problem that I have not received resulting
> binaries (even not found them in temporary RSB trees) but even build of
> later packages dependant on previous ones failed.

Please see:


I suggest you update and see if the changes I have recently pushed help.

> I resolved that by use of RSB option
>   --pkg-tar-files
> tar files has been generated and I could extract content to the right 
> directory and continue build with followup with sucesfull Microwindows
> package build. I have been able to use that (after tar extraction)
> to build and run my graphic application in QEMU then.
> But I have failed into other trap with RSB first. I am used never
> run commands with current directory in the git. So I have setup
> build directory for the test and tried to run next script
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> #!/bin/sh
> SB_DIR="../../git/rtems-source-builder-yangqiao"
> SB_DIR="$(cd -L "$SB_DIR" ; pwd -L )"
> mkdir -p yangqiao-graphics
> cd yangqiao-graphics
> #    --prefix=$HOME/development/rtems-386/bsps/4.11 \
> "$SB_DIR/source-builder/sb-set-builder" \
>     --log=graphic-build-log.txt \
>     --prefix=/opt/rtems4.11 \
>     --with-rtems-bsp=pc686 \
>     --host=i386-rtems4.11 \
>     --configdir "$SB_DIR/rtems/config" \
>     --pkg-tar-files \
>     "$SB_DIR/rtems/config/4.11/graphics/freetype2.bset" \
>     "$SB_DIR/rtems/config/4.11/graphics/libjpeg.bset" \
>     "$SB_DIR/rtems/config/4.11/graphics/libpng.bset" \
>     "$SB_DIR/rtems/config/4.11/graphics/libtiff.bset" \
>     "$SB_DIR/rtems/config/4.11/graphics/t1lib.bset" \
>     "$SB_DIR/rtems/config/4.11/graphics/microwindows.bset" \
>     "$SB_DIR/rtems/config/4.11/graphics/nxlib.bset"

Just a small note. You should be able to make a build set file that is a
list of these build sets and use just use that. This a key feature,
being able to build up sets of packages to build in a controlled order.

> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> I tried to modify parameters different ways but it seems that
> invocation outside of "git/rtems-source-builder/rtems" is not
> supported. I.e. if --configdir is set then relative subdirectory
> components pointing to *.cfg files are stripped.

I suspect this is a bug. It should be supported.

> It can be good
> idea on one hand if it is expected to put then all *.cfg files
> to local/build specific/ directory but means finding and copying
> of all dependences *.cfg.

Let me take a look and get back to you.

> I expect, that viceversa setup, i.e. CWD in "git/rtems-source-builder/rtems"
> and option --topdir would work but I have not tested that.

The original intent is to allow configurations outside of the RSB tree
and to have them supported.

> I am not sure if described behavior is bug or feature and would like
> to hear what is expected use.


> The last question is on the border of RSB build and graphic packages
> specific area.
> Because libraries build is specific than I expect that all build
> results should be installed in BSP directory, i.e.
> /opt/rtems4.11/i386-rtems4.11/pc686/{lib,bin,lib/include} in my case.
> It seems that JPEG library is configured right. But there are significant
> leakages from freetype, libpng, t1lib and libtiff to
> "/opt/rtems4.11/bin" and "/opt/rtems4.11/share" directories.
> t1lib even installs to /share/t1lib directly.
> It would be great if it is possible to limit these leaks.
> I expect that most can be prevented by right prefix path related
> options during packages configuration. I would be probably reasonable
> to disable build of test code and utilities by config options
> if possible. They are of zero value as host RTEMS tools "/opt/rtems4.11/bin"
> when compiled for target and even on target there are usable libraries
> only because RTEMS does not load applications at runtime.

The way this is done in the NetSNMP packag is by setting each path:


and these paths are set up here:


> None of above is critical but it would worth to clean up for better
> experience.

Thanks for the feedback.

A final note, I have cleaned up the RTEMS specific parameters for
building 3rd party packages. You can now use:

 --rtems-tools=<path>   Path to the installed RTEMS tools.
 --rtems-bsp=arch/bsp   For example sparc/sis

These replace the --with-rtems-tools and --with-rtems-bsp as well as the
--target setting. You can still use what you are currently using if you

The --rtems-tools option is internally expanded to --with-rtems-tools.

The --rtems-bsp is split into the arch and BSP and --target is set to
--target=arch-rtems4.11 where 4.11 is the default version. The BSP is
expanded into --with-rtems-bsp=BSP.

I have done this so the options better match the options used to build
the RTEMS waf packages such as examples-v2 and so reduce the number
variants of these types of options.


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