Trouble building

Ric Claus claus at
Thu Jul 23 16:57:31 UTC 2015

Since a fresh git pull of the RTEMS master this morning (CET), I’ve been having trouble building various components.  Building the xilinx-zynq-zedboard with —enable-smp ends with failing to build sptls01 (which had no trouble yesterday): 

cpukit/score/cpu/arm/__tls_get_addr.c:28: undefined reference to `_Thread_Get_executing’

Building rtems-libbsd, with either a modified Makefile or waf (exactly as per rtems-libbsd/README.waf, i.e., for realview_pbx_a9_qemu), ends with:

In file included from ../../rtemsbsd/rtems/rtems-bsd-mutex.c:41:0:
.../rtems-libbsd/rtemsbsd/include/machine/rtems-bsd-muteximpl.h: In function 'rtems_bsd_mutex_unlock':
.../rtems-libbsd/rtemsbsd/include/machine/rtems-bsd-muteximpl.h:154:34: error: 'Thread_queue_Control' has no member named ‘Queues'

Another "git pull origin” on the RTEMS master branch just now says "Already up-to-date.”.


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