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Hello Joel,

On 09/07/15 00:46, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi
> I noticed the modification to qoriq_t2080rdb.cfg and wondered
> how things were going. How many cores have you all seen running?

We use all 24 cores, the roadmap for this platform is 64 cores.

> Any scaling issues?

Yes, there is a lot of work ahead. I work currently on optimized OpenMP 
support. Here we have the same problems that we already observed with 
the new network stack on SMP. The Classic API object identifier to 
object translation is a performance problem. The object creation is a 
major bottleneck (mainly due to the use of the allocator mutex) for 
OpenMP which dynamically creates objects.

I have a prototype implementation for self-contained objects which may 
be used for the locks etc. in Newlib, GCC and the network stack (see 
attached file), but this is something for post 4.11.

On the positive side is the low level stuff, the scheduler and thread 
dispatching works really well.

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