GSOC 2015: Configuration GUI

Anand Krishnan anandkp92 at
Mon Jun 15 18:22:07 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Currently I have uploaded the first part of the gui - just plain menus
(with no event handlers yet) to my github: . The purpose of the GUI is for
creating the config.cfg file for "waf config" of the waf version of RTEMS.

I think you might need wxpython also to view it right now:

The main thing I want to get reviewed on is the code. I am planning to have
different classes for menus, tabs, groups etc and a main class that creates
multiple instances of each and puts it all together.

Correct me if I am wrong:
For the File options->
1) New ->  Opens a new instance with all the configuration options set to
default again.
2) Save -> Save the configuration options chosen so far.
3) Open -> Open a previously saved set of configuration options.

Once this is cleared, I shall move on to implementing these.

Please keep in mind this is a very crude version and the first part of many

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