TMS570 headers ready for review

Pavel Pisa pisa at
Sun Jun 7 16:33:34 UTC 2015

Hello Gedare and others,

I want to report Premysl Houdek's progress.
Please look at actual headers version at

It is the first time, Premek has looked at original Ti headers
now. I think that there is no Copyright problem to do adjustment
as the result of compare. There are noticed differenced

> PROGRESS - generated headers vs Ti headers
> missing EMAC control, EMAC module
> CAN 8-bit registers and endianiess
If these 8-bit registers are mostly for data I suggest to ignore them
and left only 32-bit variant. 32-bit registers when masks are used
(no bitfields) are/should be fully compatible between big and little
andian variants
> CRC BUS_SEL more - OK by pdf
> flast FCFG_BANK more - OK by pdf
> gio EMU1, EMU2 more - OK by pdf
> DMA wrong arrays lenght - not in pdf
> EFUSE(EFS) half missing - not in pdf
> ESM ESTATUS5EMU missing - not in pdf
> flash FLOCK missing - deleted from pdf
> SPI SRSEL missing - not in pdf
> pbist FSRF1 missing - not in pdf
> pbist base not 0xFFFFE560U - pdf say FFFF E400h
> PCR missing completly - cant find it in pdf
> HTU INTMAP missing - not in pdf
> VIM FIRQPR[3] should be 4? -not in pdf
> SCI GCR2 mistake in library
> LIN RDx and TDx differs
> iomm (pinmux) kicker, revision, endian part of the structure
> POM structures merged, names not corresponds
> several libraries are merged into one "reg_system.h".
I would kept them according to the prefix. If common file
is required by some user, we can provide file which includes these
> Should I make it same? not checked TCR PLL FLEX EMAC CCMSR
> - i dont see library counterparts 

On Friday 05 of June 2015 21:39:30 Gedare Bloom wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 3:01 PM, Pavel Pisa <pisa at> wrote:
> Certainly! I don't mind that the author notice and license appears, I
> just meant that it should be appropriate to the fact the code is
> generated automatically, and I'm happy to see 2-BSD used.

You are right, the script should put the line/comment before license.
Somethink like next

/* The header file is generated by from ADC.json */

> > Yes I agree to keep them local for now but moving to include subdirs
> > ensures that they do not mix with the real programmers written BSP
> > files. As for the name we could use something like ti_hercules.
> > In the fact we should use the gen_ti_hercules for BSP if we
> > expect to extend it in future for RM48 and RM57. Ti tools seems
> > to put generic stuff of CCS under "Hercules" name so there is some
> > hope that they keep IPs from name clashing in that family.
> > We have now RM48 boards because paying industry partner wants
> > or Matlab/Simulink for both TMS570 and RM48 now. But that project
> > is based on Ti tools unfortunately.
> Oh, yes, a subdir to encapsulate all of them would be good, especially
> with their rather simple names. Using ti_hercules should be fine.

If subdirs are used than I want to clarify that next
changes are correct, proffered solution

include_bsp_ti_herculesdir = $(includedir)/bsp/ti_hercules

include_bsp_ti_hercules_HEADERS += include/ti_hercules/adc.h

We cannot use automake nobase variant, because
is in parent directore relative to include.

Another option is to start all file names as reg_tiherc_*
to not need define new include dir.

Best wishes,


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