GSoC 2015: Raspberry Pi 2 Support

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Tue May 5 16:11:00 UTC 2015


I am working with the code for bsp hooks. I am referring to existing ARM
multicore bsp codes, zync mainly.

1. There are existing hooks for the raspberry pi. Where should the code for
the  Pi2 hooks be added?

2. Am I right in understanding that I will have to implement A7 specific
functions as have been for A9? I am referring specifically to the

I am referring to existing codes to locate and get hold of what needs to be
done in the hooks. However, being new to such implementations, I am taking
longer to understand the details. Any suggestions that might help here are

On 1 May 2015 12:45, "Rohini Kulkarni" <krohini1593 at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Excited to be a part of  this edition of GSoC! Thanks to everybody for
> helping me get here and congratulations to all the participating students!
> So, now getting to work, firstly I wish to know, specifically from my
> mentors, any changes that must be made to my proposed project or schedule.
> Secondly, are there any specifics for the development blog that we need to
> create for the project? Over time what is the blog expected to convey.
> Also, I have to create a new wiki page for my project as none exists. I
> want to know how to add one.
> --
> Rohini Kulkarni
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