Build of rtems-libbsd for all BSPs

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu May 28 15:13:04 UTC 2015


I decided to attempt to build rtems-libbsd for all BSPs. I didn't
expect great results but 136 of 193 BSPs did not complete the build.

Overall, the results are surprising. No x86 or SPARC BSPs could
build rtems-libbsd. And many ARM and PowerPC BSPs had build issues
that were *NOT* running out of memory linking.

Apparently, a target has to have C++ and dlfcn.h or it is not attempted.

Some general failure patterns:

+ SPARC pci header
+ Missing bsp/irq-info.h
+ Missing libcpu/cache.h
+ Missing rtems_interrupt_server_initialize()
+ ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
+ x86 tsc_freq variable missing
+ powerpc: Unsupported CPU model

The full report is attached.

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arm/lm3s3749: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/lm3s6965: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/lm4f120: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/lpc1768_mbed_ahb_ram_eth: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/lpc1768_mbed_ahb_ram: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/lpc1768_mbed: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/lpc17xx_ea_ram: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc17xx_ea_rom_int: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc17xx_plx800_ram: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc17xx_plx800_rom_int: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc2362: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc23xx_tli800: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc24xx_ea: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc24xx_ncs_ram: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc24xx_ncs_rom_ext: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc24xx_ncs_rom_int: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc24xx_plx800_ram: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc24xx_plx800_rom_int: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc32xx_mzx: Missing libcpu/cache.h
arm/lpc32xx_mzx_stage_1: Missing libcpu/cache.h
arm/lpc32xx_mzx_stage_2: Missing libcpu/cache.h
arm/lpc32xx_phycore: Missing libcpu/cache.h
arm/lpc40xx_ea_ram: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/lpc40xx_ea_rom_int: /ohci_lpc.c:221:18: error: 'EIO' undeclared
arm/nds: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
arm/rtl22xx: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/rtl22xx_t: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/stm32f105rc: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/stm32f4: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/tms570ls3137_hdk_intram: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
arm/tms570ls3137_hdk: cannot move location counter backwards linking error
avr/avrtest: GCC error
bfin/bf537Stamp: No dlfcn.h
bfin/eZKit533: No dlfcn.h
bfin/TLL6527M: No dlfcn.h
h8300/h8sim: No dlfcn.h
h8300/h8sxsim: No dlfcn.h
i386/edison: x86 tsc_freq variable missing
i386/pc386: x86 tsc_freq variable missing
i386/pc486: x86 tsc_freq variable missing
i386/pc586: x86 tsc_freq variable missing
i386/sse: x86 tsc_freq variable missing
i386/pc686: x86 tsc_freq variable missing
i386/pcp4: x86 tsc_freq variable missing
lm32/lm32_evr_gdbsim: No dlfcn.h
lm32/lm32_evr: No dlfcn.h
lm32/milkymist: No dlfcn.h
m32c/m32csim: No C++ compiler
m32r/m32rsim: Missing rtems_interrupt_server_initialize()
m68k/av5282: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/csb360: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/gen68302: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/gen68340: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/gen68360_040: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/gen68360: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/idp: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mcf5206elite: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mcf52235: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mcf5225x: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mcf5235: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mcf5329: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mrm332: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mvme136: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mvme147: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mvme147s: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mvme162: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mvme162lx: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/mvme167: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/ods68302: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/pgh360: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/sim68000: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/simcpu32: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
m68k/uC5282: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
mips/hurricane: Unable to find RTEMS headers
mips/rbtx4925: Unable to find RTEMS headers
mips/rbtx4938: Unable to find RTEMS headers
moxie/moxiesim: no tools
nios2/nios2_iss: No dlfcn.h
or1k/generic_or1k: No dlfcn.h
powerpc/beatnik: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/brs5l: section overflow linking error
powerpc/brs6l: section overflow linking error
powerpc/dp2: section overflow linking error
powerpc/ep1a: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/gwlcfm: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/haleakala: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/icecube: section overflow linking error
powerpc/mcp750: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/mpc5566evb: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5566evb_spe: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5643l_dpu: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5643l_evb: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5668g: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5674f_ecu508_app: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5674f_ecu508_boot: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5674fevb: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5674fevb_spe: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mpc5674f_rsm6: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mtx603e: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/mvme2100: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/mvme2307: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/mvme3100: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/mvme5500: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/pghplus: section overflow linking error
powerpc/phycore_mpc5554: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/pm520_cr825: section overflow linking error
powerpc/pm520_ze30: section overflow linking error
powerpc/psim: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/qemuppc: overlapping section linking error
powerpc/altivec: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/qemuprep: Unsupported CPU Model
powerpc/score603e: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/ss555: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/tqm8xx_stk8xx: section overflow linking error
powerpc/virtex4: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
powerpc/virtex5: Missing bsp/irq-info.h
sh/gensh1: No dlfcn.h
sh/gensh2: No dlfcn.h
sh/gensh4: No dlfcn.h
sh/simsh1: No dlfcn.h
sh/simsh2e: No dlfcn.h
sh/simsh2: No dlfcn.h
sh/simsh4: No dlfcn.h
sparc64/niagara: No dlfcn.h
sparc64/usiii: No dlfcn.h
sparc/erc32: SPARC PCI Issue
sparc/leon2: SPARC PCI Issue
sparc/leon3: SPARC PCI Issue
sparc/ngmp: SPARC PCI Issue
sparc/sis: SPARC PCI Issue
v850/v850e1sim: No dlfcn.h
v850/v850e2sim: No dlfcn.h
v850/v850e2v3sim: No dlfcn.h
v850/v850esim: No dlfcn.h
v850/v850essim: No dlfcn.h
v850/v850sim: No dlfcn.h

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