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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Oct 21 17:57:22 UTC 2015

On 10/21/2015 12:30 PM, Isaac Gutekunst wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to run the RTEMS tests for our new BSP. I've managed to get close, but am missing
> something. In general, I'm trying to figure out how the build system decides what tests to build.
> Below is a bunch of information about what I've tried. It might be irrelevant, so if there is
> something obvious, just don't bother reading and let me know :)

There is not as much magic as you might suspect. :)

Comments scattered below.

> Details
> -------
> I run configure with --enable tests, and have disabled a bunch of tests that don't compile. See
> the list further down. The file does have effect.
> ../rtems/configure --enable-rtemsbsp="stm32f7x" --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-tests
> --target=arm-rtems4.11 --prefix=/other/rtems/lib-rtems --disable-networking --enable-rtems-debug

(1) You can configure for no tests, samples only, or all tests.

The set of tests built varies based on if things like networking,
posix, and SMP are enabled.

> In the install path, I have a bunch of tests exes.
> They are specifically located in
> /other/rtems/lib-rtems/arm-rtems4.11/stm32f7x/lib/rtems-4.12/tests/
> psxtmbarrier01.doc  psxtmmutex01.exe	  psxtmsem03.doc
> psxtmbarrier01.exe  psxtmmutex02.doc	  psxtmsem03.exe
> psxtmbarrier02.doc  psxtmmutex02.exe	  psxtmsem04.doc
> psxtmbarrier02.exe  psxtmmutex03.doc	  psxtmsem04.exe
> psxtmbarrier03.doc  psxtmmutex03.exe	  psxtmsem05.doc
> psxtmbarrier03.exe  psxtmmutex04.doc	  psxtmsem05.exe
> psxtmbarrier04.doc  psxtmmutex04.exe	  psxtmsleep01.doc
> psxtmbarrier04.exe  psxtmmutex05.doc	  psxtmsleep01.exe
> psxtmcond01.doc     psxtmmutex05.exe	  psxtmsleep02.doc
> psxtmcond01.exe     psxtmmutex06.doc	  psxtmsleep02.exe
> psxtmcond02.doc     psxtmmutex06.exe	  psxtmthread01.doc
> psxtmcond02.exe     psxtmmutex07.doc	  psxtmthread01.exe
> psxtmcond03.doc     psxtmmutex07.exe	  psxtmthread02.doc
> psxtmcond03.exe     psxtmnanosleep01.doc  psxtmthread02.exe
> psxtmcond04.doc     psxtmnanosleep01.exe  psxtmthread03.doc
> psxtmcond04.exe     psxtmnanosleep02.doc  psxtmthread03.exe
> psxtmcond05.doc     psxtmnanosleep02.exe  psxtmthread04.doc
> psxtmcond05.exe     psxtmrwlock01.doc	  psxtmthread04.exe
> psxtmcond06.doc     psxtmrwlock01.exe	  psxtmthread05.doc
> psxtmcond06.exe     psxtmrwlock02.doc	  psxtmthread05.exe
> psxtmcond07.doc     psxtmrwlock02.exe	  psxtmthread06.doc
> psxtmcond07.exe     psxtmrwlock03.doc	  psxtmthread06.exe
> psxtmcond08.doc     psxtmrwlock03.exe	  rhdeadlockbrk.adoc
> psxtmcond08.exe     psxtmrwlock04.doc	  rhdeadlockbrk.exe
> psxtmcond09.doc     psxtmrwlock04.exe	  rhilatency.adoc
> psxtmcond09.exe     psxtmrwlock05.doc	  rhilatency.exe
> psxtmcond10.doc     psxtmrwlock05.exe	  rhmlatency.adoc
> psxtmcond10.exe     psxtmrwlock06.doc	  rhmlatency.exe
> psxtmkey01.doc	    psxtmrwlock06.exe	  rhsemshuffle.adoc
> psxtmkey01.exe	    psxtmrwlock07.doc	  rhsemshuffle.exe
> psxtmkey02.doc	    psxtmrwlock07.exe	  rhtaskpreempt.adoc
> psxtmkey02.exe	    psxtmsem01.doc	  rhtaskpreempt.exe
> psxtmmq01.doc	    psxtmsem01.exe	  rhtaskswitch.adoc
> psxtmmq01.exe	    psxtmsem02.doc	  rhtaskswitch.exe
> psxtmmutex01.doc    psxtmsem02.exe
> This is missing a bunch of tests.

I don't see any sp* or tm* tests. Are they in the tree itself?
I always run using a find command and not from an install point.
It is possible that only some tests install themselves but I
don't know what the rationale for primarily POSIX tests doing
that would be.

> This is the contents of libbsp/arm/stm32f7x/make/custom/stm32f7x-testsuite.tcfg

This file specifies the files which are known not to link. Usually this
is because the test takes too much code or data space for the target board.

> fsdosfsname01
> jffs2_fserror
> jffs2_fslink
> jffs2_fspatheval
> jffs2_fspermission
> jffs2_fsrdwr
> jffs2_fsscandir01
> jffs2_fssymlink
> jffs2_fstime
> devfs01
> devfs02
> devfs03
> devfs04
> termios02
> termios03
> termios04
> stringto01
> math
> mathf
> tar03
> mathl
> complex
> sptimecounter01
> spfatal26
> spinternalerror01
> fsnofs01

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