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Aurelio Remonda aurelio.remonda at tallertechnologies.com
Tue Sep 22 16:29:55 UTC 2015

> This change to the test needs to be discussed on the appropriate GCC
> mailing list with Sebastian and I cc'ed.
> How large was it? When it works? Is it on the stack?
> The size of A is 200000. We tested it with 2000 and still works but not
with 50000 (don't know what happen in the middle).
Is not on the stack.

Gcc tests already accommodate small targets on some tests so there may be
> an existing define to test or the size really doesn't matter and can be
> reduced for all targets. These are normally acceptable options to the GCC
> community.

There is no define that we know for this one, as far as we know it doesn't
really matter, the test basically shuffle's values and check if the values
are not in order (the array is filled with values in order).

> Or we might be able to change the stack of main() in our harness.
> So simple but multiple ways to solve. Just need to figure out the best way.

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