[PATCH] Update RTEMS multilib for SPARC

Daniel Hellstrom daniel at gaisler.com
Mon Sep 28 13:39:13 UTC 2015

On 09/28/2015 03:37 PM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 28/09/15 15:20, Daniel Hellstrom wrote:
>>> Which multilibs do we have after this change?
>> .;
>> soft;@msoft-float
>> v8;@mcpu=v8
>> leon3;@mcpu=leon3
>> leon3v7;@mcpu=leon3v7
>> leon;@mcpu=leon
>> leon/ut699;@mcpu=leon at mfix-ut699
>> leon/at697f;@mcpu=leon at mfix-at697f
>> soft/v8;@msoft-float at mcpu=v8
>> soft/leon3;@msoft-float at mcpu=leon3
>> soft/leon3v7;@msoft-float at mcpu=leon3v7
>> soft/leon;@msoft-float at mcpu=leon
>> soft/leon/ut699;@msoft-float at mcpu=leon at mfix-ut699
>> soft/leon/at697f;@msoft-float at mcpu=leon at mfix-at697f 
> Ok, looks good. The change log entry should mention that you add -mcpu=leon multilibs as well.

Ooh I forgot to mention that, I will add it to the comment. Otherwise is this okay to commit for 4.9, 5 and master now?

> It would be nice if you can update the RTEMS documentation accordingly similar to ARM and PowerPC, e.g.
> https://docs.rtems.org/doc-current/share/rtems/html/cpu_supplement/ARM-Specific-Information-Multilibs.html#ARM-Specific-Information-Multilibs

I agree. I was just thinking were to document this, thanks!


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