Configure script enable-rtemsbsp flag

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Feb 17 22:46:03 UTC 2016

On 18/02/2016 03:09, Aurelio Remonda wrote:
> Hello, I was trying to build rtems for lm3s6965 bsp when i made a mistake on the
> name of the bsp at --enable-rtemsbsp flag. Suprisely i did not get an error
> Of course i did't get the well known 'make all' will build the
> following BSPslm3s6965 either. Even later when i did make, no error
> message popped up.

I agree this is rather unhelpful.

> Is there a reason for not stopping the configure script and alert the
> user about the error? In other words, should rtems configure script
> notice the user made a mistake and prompt an error message?

I suspect no one has looked into it. If you know autoconf and automake 
and you are able to find a solution please post a patch.

The complexity as I see it is the initial configure phase does not check 
the BSP list and the configure is spread across the initial configure 
and further nested configures in the make phases so when do you check. 
To check for the BSP you would need to check for a valid .cfg file in 
the correct arch. Maybe the rtems-bsps script could provide some hints.

FYI there is an active project at the moment to move to a waf build 
system for RTEMS. The plan is to release 4.12 and then switch the master 
branch to waf.


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