GSoC and Open Projects Updating

Joel Sherrill joel at
Sat Jan 30 15:45:42 UTC 2016


I hope we have been doing a decent job of capturing ideas and updating
existing ones in the Open Projects page.

GSoC time is here and we should make sure they are up to date.

This year I would like to have an idea of maybe ten high priority and
visible projects that will push something along. For example, Common Trace
Format support and Integration with the Linux Trace Toolkit. Adding missing
C99 and POSIX methods to newlib and RTEMS.

An interesting idea I haven't researched is can the Arduino device
libraries be ported to and useful on RTEMS? If so, we get access to a large
body of i2c devices.

Surely folks have ideas. Speak up. Capture them. Offer to guide a student.
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