Update gcc-version rsb for 4.11

Jan Sommer soja-lists at aries.uberspace.de
Fri Jan 15 17:57:41 UTC 2016

Am Friday 15 January 2016, 11:24:00 schrieb Marcos Díaz:
> Hi,
> You can try if the latest snapshot of gcc works:
> Check this patch, in this case I made a modification for the arm bset, if
> you use another architecture you have to make the same change in your bset.

Thank you, that seems to be a better way (I just overwrote the gcc-tarball of rsb with my own).
However, I meant to suggest that we such a patch upstream in general. The current situation is that you can build a toolchain with Ada-support using the rsb, it will compile, but the programs it creates will fail at least for arm, but I think the error is architecture agnostic. So you need to find out why it fails, apply a patch like yours locally and rebuild which makes the process quite painful.
I don't know if the policy says, it has to be a stable gcc-release, but the gcc-4.9 branch only accepts regression and docu fixes.

@Joel+Chris: What do you think?

I am aware that Ada is the ugly little stepchild no one really wants to play with, but would still appreciate an easy way to build a working toolchain. ;-)



> On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 9:39 AM, <soja-lists at aries.uberspace.de> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > The current version of the rsb loads the gcc-4.9.3 sources to build gcc.
> > However as discussed previously Ada-support in this version is broken for
> > RTEMS.
> > The current 4.9-branch has a fix. Would it be possible to use a recent
> > snapshot of this branch for the source builder until 4.9.4 is released?
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> >    Jan
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