Updates and Problems on "Raspberry Pi USB and Ethernet Support" Project

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at pikron.com
Sat Jul 23 10:21:31 UTC 2016

Hello Deval Shah,

On Thursday 21 of July 2016 18:57:11 Deval Shah wrote:
> Hello all,
> Good news ! The usb_ethernet controller is working.
> Dr. Joel pointed out to check if I am actually getting the interrupt. So I
> checked there and found out that there was no entry for USB interrupt. As
> soon as I added that entry, everything started working.
> Now I am getting the Power in the USB devices when I plug them in also the
> Ethernet address. I am adding the init test log below.

congratulation to the work.

Please, retest with actual RTEMS master.

I have applied your patch adding USB registers base.

Then I have decided to rewrite Raspberry Pi irq.c.
The inefficiency and limitations hurt my eyes from
the first glimpse long ago and hacking yet another
source into it would only worse situation.

I have checked on RPi2 that ticker runs correctly after
changes but I have no much more IRQ sources to simply
test in basic RTEMS master.
It is possible that I have done some mistake and your
code tests more IRQ sources and can catch specific problem.

If you see some problems, try to change irq.c line

  #define BCM2835_IRQ_BASIC_SPEEDUP_USED_BITS 0x1ffcff



this would disable use of duplicated bits in BASIC PENDING
register and help in the case that I have done some
mistake in documentation reading and table fill.

Best wishes,


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