CMake build system for RTEMS

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Jul 25 03:51:49 UTC 2016

On 25/07/2016 11:56, Nickolay Kolchin wrote:
> We are interested in inclusion this in official RTEMS and are ready to
> provide support if required.

Thank you for the offer. If you are interested in contributing to RTEMS 
I am happy to chat about some areas where we need help. Getting 4.11 and 
then 4.12 out means we can move to 5.0 which is the waf build.

> P.S. I'm aware about 'waf' build system for RTEMS, but haven't checked. It
> would be interesting to compare performance.

I suggest you check it out ..

RTEMS is committed to using waf in rtems.git as well as libbsd and other 
areas. It is Python base and we use python in other areas of the project 
for example the RSB. The switch to waf also comes with removal of 
pre-installed header files and that by itself is a massive undertaking. 
The other big area is bring the configuration of RTEMS under control.

The waf branch is stalled because of issues unrelated to it and this is 
unfortunate. The 4.11 release needs to be made but this has stalled 
while I find time to complete the change in the documentation. We will 
then quickly move to 4.12 as a release and after that we are planning on 
5.0 and a waf based build system. The inability for us to release 4.11 
is a problem within the project and it has stalled a number of things 
and I apologise to you and the community for this because it means 
effort is duplicated. Until we can get suitable time spent on the 
remaining tasks things will not change and this includes any build 
system. The current build system needs to go and we all know this and we 
are doing as little as possible with it.

My personal experiences of cmake have been very ordinary and so I have 
no interest in using cmake in RTEMS. I am sorry about this.


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