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> Hi everyone
> I am Vivek Kukreja, currently pursuing Masters from India. I'm interested
> in applying for GSOC this year. I am a skilled C Programmer and have strong
> understanding of OS concepts. I'm interested in system programming
> and kernel development.
> I am interested to work on topics under Tracing. I am intrigued by the
> topic. I think this will be a good place to start for me.
> That's a good area that needs work. Chris Johns is the core person in this
area. He is in
Sydney and will likely comment once he is awake. :)

I gave a presentation at the Flight Software Workshop in 2014 on the RTEMS
Tracing was included in that presentation and Chris helped with the slides.
The slides are

There is a video of my presentation if you want to see it. But this
presentation covers the
background and status.

> I have gone through Getting Started documentation and setup RTEMS on my
> machine. I have tried running the provided examples. I tried to run the
> tracing example, but am facing some problem during compilation (wrapper
> compilation error). I will continue looking into it, and report if I can't
> solve the problem on my own.
> Focus first on doing the GSoC Hello World and adding yourself to the list
of students.
Then ask specific questions about those examples.

> Please tell me about the open projects under the Tracing Tool. I request
> you to please give me some pointers to get started.
> Chris is the person to make sure the task list is current and in priority.

But I know there is work to be done on generation of method trace wrappers,
getting trace data off target (tcp/ip, etc), and producing Common Trace
and integrating with the Linux Trace Toolkit.

My understanding is that the Linux Trace Toolkit can also dynamically
interact (bidirectionally) with the target system. I don't know what that
entails but it is desirable. But it requires having basic integration solved

I hope that helps.


> Regards,
> Vivek
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