GSoC2016 : Providing SMP support for RTEMS

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> Hello everyone.
> I am Rahul Goradia from India.
> I am interested to provide SMP support for RTEMS.
> I have read Getting Started Document and configured RTEMS for SPARC.
> I successfully run helloworld example and now trying to run modified code.
> I believe I have good understanding of operating system fundamentals.
> Currently I am working on issues related to running RTOS multiprocessor.
> Working on SMP support for RTMES will be a good opportunity for me to learn
> RTOS issues on multiprocessor support.
> Please tell me what literature I need to study and in which direction
> should I go.
The SMP support is fairly mature so you won't find a general project like
"add SMP". Projects will be more focused like adding SMP support to a
specific Board Support Package, addressing a specific deficiency that
impacts all architectures, or addressing issues that impact a single

The Project focused on improving the pc BSP has multiple components needed
for SMP to work on that BSP again.  This has an open projects page.

Similarly, the Pi2 SMP support is missing. This should be on the Pi page.

Also Thread Local Support is an important construct and not implemented on
all architectures. This likely doesn't have a project page but if
interested, we could do a quick survey on which architectures have TLS
support and which do not.

Sebastian may have more general SMP ideas but the initial push for SMP gave
us great support on a subset of BSPs and architectures and left gaps on


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> Thanks and Regards,
> Rahul Goradia
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