GSoC2016 : Providing SMP support for RTEMS

Darshit Shah darnir at
Mon Mar 7 13:52:14 UTC 2016

On 03/07, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>On 06/03/16 19:17, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>Sebastian may have more general SMP ideas but the initial push for 
>>SMP gave us great support on a subset of BSPs and architectures and 
>>left gaps on others.
>working on SMP improvements is a bit difficult currently since I will 
>work in this area nearly full time in the next half a year or so. I 
>hope that Darshit Shah will work on the SMP scheduler optimizations 
>for the arbitrary processor affinities in GSoC 2016.

Yes, I do intend to work on providing better APA Scheduling Support for 
RTEMS over the summer. The existind Priority SMP Scheduler already 
supports processor affinities, but the new implementation should allow 
for better schedulability. I'll send a more detailed email outlining my 
thoughts and ideas soon. 
>Adding SMP support to a specific BSP for an architecture that already 
>supports SMP (ARM, PowerPC, SPARC) is not enough for a GSoC project. 
>Even adding SMP support to new architectures shouldn't be a big deal.
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