Hi, I want to work with paravirtualization on RTEMS as GSoC student.

황원준 hwj1593 at naver.com
Thu Mar 17 06:15:13 UTC 2016

I have experience building kernel and changing kernel and developing the erc32 to leon3 dynamic binary translation application in RTEMS. 
For example, For some project, a benchmark program on RTEMS is needed To evaluate erc32 to leon3 dynamic binary translation application.
I changed initialization part of "bootcard.c" to call my benchmark function directly.
I have worked with making the Hypervisor on RTEMS for National project of Korea as a developer.
so I believe, I can handle and easily understand project of paravirtualization on RTEMS.
I saw "Running RTEMS in POK Partitions" paper about "Google Summer of Code Program 2013 Project Proposal".
and I am searching for worthwhile things about paravirtualization on devel mailing list. 
are there worthwhile things I can support?

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