GSOC - LwIP and Jailhouse hypervisor as possible tasks

Pavel Pisa pisa at
Thu Mar 17 22:20:49 UTC 2016

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Hello Sane Sai Charan,

On Thursday 17 of March 2016 19:49:41 Gedare Bloom wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 3:47 PM, sane sai charan
> <sanesaicharan23 at> wrote:
> >                               ** Anyone mentoring RTEMS port of LWIP
> > project ? because status of project says no volunteers for this project.
> We can find someone with sufficient lwIP expertise if needed. There
> are a few lwIP ports of RTEMS around.

we have workend at company and at university with
LwIP with porting and drivers writing and updates to RTEMS
and non RTEMS environment. I would like to see LwIP
to be the first class citizen in RTEMS to offer full
networking and POSIX compatibility for small RTEMS
systems which cannot afford full BSD stack.
This means to connect LwIP to RTEMS file handle allocation
system to allow read(), write(), close() etc functions
to work with LwIP opened sockets. I have already located
places of the code which can serve as the base for such work.

I have spoken with Sebastian Huber about this task
on Embedded World. He thinks that this is too small
task for full GSoC. I believe that he can do that
in one or two days, I think that I have chance to do
that in one or two weeks if I have time. But for student
with need to understand and analyze the code first it is
quiet sufficient task and can be combined with test
preparation and implementation/porting of LwIP driver
for some architecture. So at the end, it can be reasonable
task for GSoC.

I can send dump of my ideas and links to related

But if it is selected depends on quality of proposal,
evaluation, consensus and feeling whole group of mentors.

So I offer role of consultant or co-mentor at least
for this task.

Other area (which I consider interesting) is porting
of RTEMS to run and cooperate in Jailhouse

Jailhouse is on my plan of the things which I want to test
but my actual knowledge is minimal in this area. But I believe
that RTEMS and Jailhouse can be good match for some RT
applications. RTEMS is noted in the official Jailhouse

but I am not sure if work already started and what is actual
status. But it is not problem to connect main Jailhouse developer
- Jan Kiszka and discuss options with him or even ask him
if he is willing to take mentor/co-mentor/consultant role.
He is very friendly and open minded.

Best wishes,


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